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Reports and Briefs: Comparison of Children's Uninsurance Rates Across the States: 1995-96 to 2000-2001

Feb. 28, 2003: SHADAC's Issue Brief #6 assesses the changes in health insurance coverage among children across the states for the five-year time period spanning Welfare Reform and the enactment and implementation of SCHIP. Estimates used for all comparisons between 1995 and 2001 are adjusted for the verification...Read More

Estimating the Size of the Uninsured and Other Vulnerable Populations in a Local Area

Jan. 01, 2003: Blewett, L. A. and T. J. Beebe. “Estimating the Size of the Uninsured and Other Vulnerable Populations in a Local Area.” In Weinick, R.M. and Billings, J. (eds), Monitoring the Health Care Safety Net – Book III: Tools for Monitoring the Health Care Safety Net, Rockville, MD: Agency for...Read More

Focus Group Interviewing on the Telephone

Oct. 09, 2002: Overview and information on conducting focus group interviews by phone, by Richard A. Krueger and Mary Anne Casey. August 2002.Read More

Designing and Conducting Focus Group Interviews

Oct. 09, 2002: This document is a detailed guide to focus group interviewing. October 2002.Read More

Reports and Briefs: Overview of Approaches for Estimating Uninsurance Rates at the Sub-state Level

Apr. 09, 2002: SHADAC's Issue Brief #5 highlights three approaches that have been used to estimate uninsurance rates at the sub-state level: direct estimation through survey sampling, the proxy measure approach, and the model-based approach. April 2002. Read More

Reports and Briefs: What is Behind the 8 Percent Drop in Uninsurance?

Feb. 20, 2002: SHADAC's Issue Brief #4 describes the change in health insurance coverage estimates after the Census Bureau added a verification component to the Current Population Survey (CPS) health insurance module, and the effect of the change on state policy. February 2002. Read More

Immigrant and Minority Focus Groups

Oct. 09, 2001: Suggestions for training moderators and writing a final report, providing some general guidelines and considerations for states as they move through the focus group process of collecting information about health insurance from immigrant and minority focus groups. July 2001.Read More

Use of Focus Groups to Collect Data on Latino Populations

Oct. 09, 2001: This document contains a compilation of questions and answers from a conference call on July 23, 2001, about use of focus groups to collect data on insurance status among Latino populations. The conference call was led by Lisa Duchon of the Commonwealth Fund and Michael Perry from Lakesnell Perry...Read More

Questions to Ask Your Survey Vendor

Oct. 06, 2001: This document contains specific questions to ask potential survey vendors. Question topics include experience, interviewing capabilities, data cleaning, and deliverables. February 2001.Read More

Report on State Efforts to Measure the Health Care Safety Net

Sep. 10, 2001: This paper represents an initial look at the capacity of states to collect data on specific elements of the safety net. It is not a comprehensive review or analysis but the start of an ongoing discussion of federal and state-level efforts to define and monitor the safety net in the U.S. September...Read More

Reports and Briefs: State Health Insurance Coverage Estimates: Why State-Survey Estimates Differ from CPS

Aug. 09, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #3 describes why state-generated estimates of health insurance coverage are likely to differ from the annual estimates of uninsurance rates based on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS). July 2001. Read More

Reports and Briefs: The Impact of Changes to the Current Population Survey on State Health Insurance Coverage Estimation

Mar. 30, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #2 examines the effect of increased sample size for the Current Population Survey on the precision of state estimates of the number of low-income children who do not have health insurance coverage. March 2001. Read More

Why Surveying "Willingness to Pay" is Difficult

Mar. 10, 2001: Technical assistance documentation addressing issues around survey measurement of an individual's willingness to pay for an item or service, explaining three possible reasons for the observed bias in these questions and two alternatives to asking "willingness to pay" questions. March 2001.Read More

Reports and Briefs: The Current Population Survey and State Health Insurance Coverage Estimates

Mar. 09, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #1 provides background information on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS) and use of the CPS coverage estimates for state health policy. March 2001. Read More

Journal Articles: Uncovering the Missing Medicaid Cases and Assessing Their Bias for Estimates of the Uninsured

Jan. 01, 2001: Call, K.T., G. Davidson, A.S. Sommers, R. Feldman, P. Farseth, and T. Rockwood. "Uncovering the Missing Medicaid Cases and Assessing Their Bias for Estimates of the Uninsured." Inquiry 38(4): 396-408. Read More