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Recent SHADAC Projects

The following is a list of recent SHADAC projects. The list is not exhaustive but is meant to provide a general sense of the types of projects that SHADAC conducts. Click on topic areas to view past SHADAC projects that fall within the same scope of work.

Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care

Colorado Health Access Survey
SHADAC recently provided technical expertise to the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) on the development of the Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) questionnaire to be fielded 2015. SHADAC staff identified reform-relevant topics/domains of potential interest for consideration in the 2015 CHAS survey instrument; compiled specific health reform questionnaire items for CHI’s consideration based on SHADAC’s knowledge of relevant and new questions used in federal and other state surveys; provided guidance and made recommendations to CHI related to the inclusion of specific questionnaire items in the 2015 instrument per CHI data collection priorities; and reviewed and provided feedback on questionnaire revisions and additions for 2015.

Minnesota Health Access Survey
SHADAC conducts a biennial telephone survey of Minnesota residents and analyzes survey results in partnership with the Health Economics Program at the Minnesota Department of Health. Findings from the survey provide an overview of the state’s uninsured population and changes in their composition over time as well as trends in how Minnesotans obtain health insurance coverage. Funded by the Minnesota Department of Health

State and Federal Health Policy and Health Reform Strategies

Medicaid Section 1115 Waiver Evaluation: Technical Assistance to States on Data-Driven Evaluation
SHADAC researchers provide technical assistance to Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, and New Hampshire as they participate in an effort supported by the National Governors Association to help them develop data-driven evaluations of the new Medicaid policies they are pursuing under Section 1115 waivers. Ongoing technical assistance provided by SHADAC includes reviewing request for proposals and planning documents, participating in convenings with state and federal officials, and producing resources to respond to state-specific evaluation needs. Funded by the National Governors Association

Leveraging 1332 State Innovation Waivers to Stabilize Individual Health Insurance Markets
SHADAC researchers documented the strategies and rationale of the first three states to receive federal approval to establish state reinsurance programs with federal funding—Alaska, Minnesota, and Oregon—via Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers in order to address the volatility of their individual health insurance markets. SHADAC identified challenges, facilitators, and lessons learned during the waiver application and implementation processes that could be helpful for states considering similar policy action and for federal regulators interested in supporting similar state initiatives. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Payment and Delivery System Reform

Inventory of Evaluations of Integrated Care Programs for Dually Eligible Beneficiaries
SHADAC conducted a systematic literature review and abstraction of studies that evaluate the impacts of integrated care programs for dually eligible beneficiaries in order to produce a “one-stop-shop” for the review of available evidence across a range of outcomes related to cost, quality, health outcomes, and access. Funded by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission

State Innovation Model (SIM) Technical Assistance
Since 2012, SHADAC has been part of a team led by NORC at the University of Chicago that is serving as the State Innovation Model (SIM) Resource Support Contractor for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (the “Innovation Center”). SHADAC is currently supporting 38 states and territories and the Innovation Center in designing and testing innovative multi-payer health system transformation approaches.  SHADAC works with NORC and other technical assistance partners, including the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS), National Governors Association, Manatt Health Solutions, and Mercer Consulting to provide consultation and technical assistance to states as they develop and implement health care transformation models.

Medicaid Policy


Programming and Analysis of Survey Data on a Task Order Basis

SHADCAC is conducting analyses of a broad array of survey data on a task order basis in the areas of Medicaid payment, eligibility, enrollment, coverage, access to care, and quality of care. Relevant data sources include NHIS, MEPS, SIPP, NHANES, NSDUH, CPS, ACS, NAMCS, NHAMCS, HCUP, AHA Annual Survey, and AMA Master File.

Justice involved

Evaluation of the Implementation of Section 1115 Medicaid Expansion Waivers
SHADAC was commissioned in 2017 by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) to conduct an analysis of how four states implemented Section 1115 Medicaid expansion waivers. SHADAC examined how these four states--Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan--approached the implementation of key provisions of their waivers, including exchange plan premium assistance, enrollee contribution requirements, health savings accounts, healthy behavior incentives, and graduated copayments for emergency department use. This analysis was completed in February of 2018. Access the report.

Health and Health Care Quality Measurement

SHADAC's State Health Compare
SHADAC’s State Health Compare is a user-friendly and easily accessible online data tool for obtaining state-level estimates on a range of topics related to health and health care. Analysts and policymakers can use State Health Compare to view measures of insurance coverage, access, cost, utilization, and outcomes—as well as social and economic measures related to health. State Health Compare allows users to compare these measures across states and look at trends over time through user-generated maps, bar charts, trend lines, and tables. Users can also explore these measures within states by characteristics (e.g., age, race/ethnicity, and education level). There are currently 45 measures available on State Health Compare, drawn from the most currently available data, including three new measures added in 2018: Opioid-Related and Other Drug Poisoning Deaths, Adult Unhealthy Days, and Unaffordable Rents. Estimates are available for timespans ranging between 4 and 17 years, and are drawn from 16 data sources. SHADAC provides ongoing updates to 16 of the measures maintained by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) on its Building a Culture of Health website. This work involves obtaining restricted data from Census Research Data Centers; monitoring the release of updated data; procuring and cleaning micro-data as it becomes available; monitoring data sources for methodological and/or instrument changes; maintaining detailed documentation; applying rigorous quality control techniques.

Health Care Cost and Utilization